Girlbrains- The Stalker

This is the first official Girlbrains post.  I hope you enjoy it!

We have two obvious points to discuss here.

1.  She is, without a doubt, STALKING this boy!  Poor Max.  Poor theatre-loving, minding-his-own-business, completely-oblivious-to-the-danger-he’s-in Max.  Did you think it was just coincidence that every single show you were in also involved Susie?  You know Susie, the girl who laughed hysterically at every joke you made.  The girl you always caught trying to make eye contact with you. The girl who just happened to be hanging out by your locker in between every period, even though her locker was two floors above yours.  The girl who always seemed to “tie her shoes” at the exit to the theatre, and always finished right as you walked by.  The girl who started the rumor that your girlfriend was a lesbian.  The girl you caught trying to snip a locket of hair off your head.  She just wanted to get to know you better.  I hope Max is still alive.

2.  “I just melt whenever he’s near.”  William Shakespeare called.  He vomited and then hung up.

For the males reading this:

You always wanted to know how a woman’s mind works, right? Well, THIS IS HOW IT STARTS OUT!  Obsession.  If you ever have daughters, teach them to be ambitious.  Ambition is a good thing.  Tracking and hunting humans, however, should be discouraged.

12 thoughts on “Girlbrains- The Stalker

  1. So… now I am glad that I never discovered and read your journals. I may have been compelled to lock you in the basement and board up all the windows in the house! Yikes. Who the heck is Max?? Never mind. It’s better I don’t know. Estrogen is a dangerous chemical!

  2. You should post some type of general warning for those who have a condition in which unexpected and exuberant laughter might be considered a health risk. At the very least, I should say thanks and not try to be clever and stuff. Fabulously entertaining musings you’ve assembled!

    • Thanks so much! Maybe I should make a pharmaceutical commercial for my blog , and list the warnings of side effects that go on for two and a half minutes. It would also include “May cause lovely bloggers to leave excruciatingly flattering comments on blog posts.” Thanks! 🙂

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