Joke Time

I am currently reading the book “Comedy Writing Secrets” by Melvin Helitzer to sharpen my humor writing skills. My thoughtful boyfriend got it for me and I must admit: I love it. You can check it out here.

Tonight I practiced word play and came up with two original jokes that I think pass as “not terrible”. Tell me what you think:

Where does the First Lady’s gynecologist hold his exams?

The Ovum Office.

And lastly,

Who provides the body guards for the cast of ‘American Idol?’

The Seacrest Service.

Well, what did you think? Be nice honest.

2 thoughts on “Joke Time

  1. 2nd one’s better. Gynecology jokes are pretty common (I guess) and must rise to a higher standard.
    I find that I’m funniest when I come up with a joke very quickly in response to a situation or comment. I also highly esteem those that are inside jokes that only a select few would laugh at. The problem is that it is tough to re-capture the humor when they’re retold.

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