Swimsuit Foresight from the Marshalls Dressing Room Lady

“Good Luck”

That phrase, buckling under the weight of a Ukranian accent, were the last words the dressing room attendant at Marshalls uttered before she handed me the five swimsuits I had chosen to try on.

Really?  Good Luck?

She could have said a myriad of things:

  • Thank you
  • Here you go
  • Don’t try stealing anything, I’m watching you
  • Nice selection
  • Call me, maybe?

But to say “good luck”, as if sliding the latch on the dressing room door could be the last thing my pasty wintered body might ever do…What was she expecting the end result to be?


Please.  Happy swimsuit season, everyone!

Have you ever had a bizarre shopping experience? Tell me about it in the comments section

2 thoughts on “Swimsuit Foresight from the Marshalls Dressing Room Lady

  1. Ok i was in forever 21 after just having my third child.a size 7 not bad but felling like a size 20. As i entered the dressing area. I said to the girl. “wow i feel really huge” the young girl looks at me and says in he little voice. “Oh have you seen out new plus size clothing its so cute im like so jealous”
    I wanted to punch that 18 year old. Im only 33 but i feel 70 lol

    • Oh lawdy! Doesn’t that little 18 year old know the best way to handle that situation is with a compliment?! Don’t worry, friend. you certainly don’t look like you need plus size clothing and you definitely don’t look 70 (or 33 for that matter). Thanks for stopping by, and not murdering that little teeny bopper 😉

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